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Photo by Brendan Goco




Hello!  My name is Diego Mapa and I operate Pulse Wave Studio.  A small creative audio studio based in Manila, Philippines.  You can hire us for commissioned musical arrangement and music production for advertisements, visual presentations, jingles, film score, events, track or album production, and other audio needs.  

I am an active live musician, recording artist, and music producer since 1997.  I am part of recording groups that operate in both Manila's independent and mainstream music scene.  These bands are called Pedicab (Vicor Music/ MCA Universal Philippines), Monsterbot (MCA Universal Philippines), Cambio (Universal Records, MCA Universal Philippines), Eggboy (Body Clock Records), and Tarsius (Numberline Records/ Body Clock Records).  I also DJ as DMAPS and I am also part of a DJ duo called, The Diegos.


I also have experience working and training as an audio engineer and music arranger in  premiere audio post companies in Manila in the early 2000s such as, Road Runner Inc. and Liquid Post.


Best Original Music Score for Marie Jamora’s film “Ang Nawawala” Cinemalaya Awards 2012 with co-scorers Mikey Amistoso and Jazz Nicholas

Best Original Music Score for Avid Liongoren’s animated film “Saving Sally” Metro Manila Film Fest Awards 2016 with co-scorers Pablo Pico, Acel Bisa Van Ommen, Mikey Amistoso et al.



Tarsius "Culture Cow" (Body Clock Records 2020)
Tarsius “Igado” E.P. (More Rice Records 2018)
Pedicab “Remuda Triangle” LP (The Grey Market Records/ Soupstar Music 2017)
Eggboy “The Spotlight Effect” (Body Clock Records 2017)
Tarsius “Baluga 2000” (Team Manila/ Sibika’t Kultura 2014)
Pedicab “Kaya mo mag-sando?” (MCA Music 2012)
Tarisus “Primate” on Vinyl (Numberline Records 2012)
Producer for Techyromantics “Touch” (Party Bear Records 2009)
Producer for The Vince Noir Project “Self-Titled” (12 Stones Records 2007)
Pedicab “Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter” (2008 MCA Universal Records)
Pedicab “Tugish Takish” (2005 Vicor Music)
Cambio “Derby Lite” (2004 Universal Records)
Cambio “Matic” (2007 MCA Universal Records)
Monsterbot “Rhomboids” (2005 Sibika’t Kultura Records/ Distributed by Vicor Music)
Monsterbot “Destroy! Destroy!” (2002 MCA Universal Records)
Eggboy “98-05” (Sibika’t Kultura Records)


Orphea (Khavn Dela Cruz and Alexander Kluge 2020)
Saving Sally (Avid Liongoren 2016)
Flip The Record (Marie Jamora 2016)
Red (Jay Abello 2014)
Komikero Chronicles (Keith Sicat 2014)
Ang Nawawala (Mari Jamora 2012)
Illustrated By (Pepper Marcelo 2012)
Slumber Party (Emmanuel Dela Cruz 2012)
I-Libings (Rommel Sales 2011)
Rakenrol (Quark Henares 2011)
Keka (Quark Henares 2008)
A Date With Jao Mapa (Quark Henares 1999)


How much to have a piece of music produced or arranged?

Rates will depend on:


- Length of music

- Purpose of usage, example for TV, Radio, Cinema, Social Media etc.

- Kind of genre of music

- If music will be an instrumental or will need vocals or session musicians.

- If lyrics or words must be written by our composer or arranger.

- Number of revisions

- Number of edits, example a 30 second edit down, 60 second edit down, etc.

- If music will  be used for advertising, music can be 100% ownership of client, licenesed only for a certain number of years, and will return to composer at end of contract, etc.

- If music will be broadcasted or played in an event.

- If music will be distributed digitally or printed in physical copies such as CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassettes, etc.

- If music will be translated to other languages.

- If music will be distributed or broadcasted in other countries besides the Philippines.

For inquiries and rates, you can contact us here.


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